Crash Data Calculator Toyota

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  • CalcMaster Software
  • Crash data calculator Toyota
  • Includes all models within the make
  • From 2000-2016
  • Actual calculator is emailed later


Crash Data Calculator Toyota

PLEASE NOTE: After purchase is completed you’ll be able to download CalcMaster software BARE(RAW) WITHOUT any calculators as in you will NOT be able to use the program. Until the purchased calculators are emailed to you with in 24 hours. Please create account at checkout as it will be used to verify your purchase by CalcMaster software.

This is a software program that will remove crash data from your “files” “data” it is a software program that runs on your PC. It is a stand alone program and will work with any programmer of your choice.

You will need to have other tools to retrieve this “data” from the SRS module, make changes and put it back to SRS module. If you dont know how this process works or just starting out we offer an educational DVD  with step by step video instructions that illustrate the entire process on how to remove crash data from SRS airbag modules. This DVD can be purchased from our store for $99.

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