ETSmart Iprog EEPROM Programmer

ETSmart Iprog EEPROM Programmer

The ETSmart4 is a universal device programmer which works through USB port. It supports over 500 different devices including Serial EEPROM such as IIC, Microwire, SPI, FlASH and specific memory. Programmer Features:

• Easy to use Windows XP/7/8/10 software:

• Read, Program, Erase, Verify devices • Hi speed programming • Build-in programming OPM Language allows users to create own programming modules. Built-in calculators for car radios and dashboarding. Useful tools for testing PC hardware and self test features • No external power supply require. • 8 bidirectional lines can be programmed as Input/Output pin or Power pin (direct connection to VCC or GND) • 6 additional output lines. • Programmable Power Supply +12 V and regulated output from 2.8-5 Volt. • Overvoltage and Overcurrent protection on all pins. • Socket contacts tester. • File auto-backup, file print.

 iProg USB Setup ver 1.09

ETSmart USB Setup ver 100

Win7,8,10 32bit ONLY will NOT work on 64 bit

Please note: to make ETSmart/Iprog work on Win7,8,10 you will need to, after installing iprog software, to copy both drivers from

C:\Program Files\Iprog\driver\WinNT

And paste it to

C:\Windows\System32 AND TO C:\Windows\System32\drivers

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